Giving Back: Courageous Girls

10% of every Meditation, Pure + Simple course is donated to support the Courageous Girls’ India and Nepal Project.

This project aims to heal and restore life for millions of women and girls in India and Nepal who are impacted by sex slavery. Survivors and therapists are trained to teach iRest Yoga Nidra for their own healing and to support other’s on their healing journey.  So these girls and women are not only learning a tool for life, but they’re learning a vocational skill as they can teach other survivors once they have been through the program themselves.

The ripple effects of this life changing project are huge. Over the course of just the next five years, an estimated that 300,000 survivors will benefit from iRest in India, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries. This means even more survivors can experience benefits like these:

“In the beginning I was sad in the hostel, now I am more happy.” 

“Before I had so many thoughts in my mind and could not control them
After doing this, I become calm.” 

“I sleep better.”

When you sign up to Meditation, Pure + Simple, you’re not only making a positive difference in your life, but you’re significantly improving the life of a girl in India or Nepal, by giving her the tools to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse and create a meaningful life for herself.

Photo credit: Courageous Girls


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