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One thing I love about yoga is that it’s just so damn practical.

When I’m feeling stressed, I practice Yogic Breathing.

When I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I practice Mountain Climbing Breath.

When I’m low on energy and I need to get going, I practice Right Nostril Breathing.

When I’m feeling a bit all over the place, I practice Alternate Nostril Breathing.

And when I’m feeling exhausted (and this one is my favourite), I practice iRest Yoga Nidra.

I start my day most mornings with some sun salutations, then throughout the day I take just a minute or two to do one of the many yogic practices to help me to recover my sense of calm, balance and bliss.

It really helps me to tap into my true nature, which is happiness (cool huh?).

Yoga has this reputation of just being a set of postures we do in the yoga studio with fancy leggings, but it is so much more.  Yoga is an very practical science that helps us to remain sane in an increasing insanely busy world.

Sounds to easy to be true?  It really isn’t.

Let me share one example with you, the preparatory practice for Alternate Nostril Breathing, with the help of my teaching assistant ….

Alternate nostril breathing (or Nadi Shodhana) is said to balance the left and right sides of the brain, to balance our masculine and feminine qualities, to calm and focus the mind, to increase vitality, lower stress and anxiety and lead us to deep states of meditation and spiritual awakening (not bad, eh?).  It’s a beautiful practice to do if you’re feeling generally a bit unbalanced or out of whack, and before you sit for an extended formal meditation practice.

If you’d like to try a preparatory practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes (you might like to read through the instructions first though!).

Take a few moments to notice the natural rise and fall of your breath.

Lift your right hand and place one finger or thumb on each nostril.

Traditionally it’s done like this (with the middle and forefingers resting between the eyebrows or tucked down)……

….. but you find the way that feels best for you.

Gently press the right nostril, and breath naturally and rhythmically (without force) through the left nostril for just a few breaths (no more than 5).

Then release the right nostril, and gently press the left nostril, breathing naturally and rhythmically, without force, through the right nostril for another few breaths (again, no more than 5).

If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable at any time, stop the practice and sit for a few moments observing your breath.

If it feels good, repeat a couple of times on each side.

Lower your hand (release the mudra) and sit for moment, noticing the effects of the practice on your body, breath and mind.

I’ve been travelling the world studying and teaching yogic practices for over a decade, and not only do I practice them myself on a daily basis, but I also teach them to my clients and yoga students.

My gorgeous husband has kindly built me a virtual yoga shala, so I can now teach these practices online too.

I’m so excited to be able share these teachings with you, where ever you are in the world.

I’m joined by a host of internationally acclaimed yoga teachers, including Sharon Gannon, Krishna Das, Rachel Zinman, Amy Weintraub, Rick Hanson, Marianne Elliott and many many more.  They’ve the best at what they do, and I’m excited they’re joining me in the shala.

I so hope you can join me in this online yoga course, called A Daily Dose of Bliss.  You’ll learn 37 new yoga practices in 6 weeks, to bring a deep sense of ease, calm and bliss into your day.

I’ll be guiding you through the practices with video and audio (as well as beautiful photography like you see above).

And it will only take 5 – 10 minutes each day.

Ready to find your bliss?

Come join us here.



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