What’s draining your energy?

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Fatigue is a major issue in many of our lives.  We live such busy, switched on lives, that we find it hard to switch off and simply be.

There are many reasons why we might feel fatigued, but they’re not all what you might think.

Fatigue is a symptom of depression, and often a side effect of anxiety and stress.  Fatigue can result from the substances we put in our body, like too much alcohol, drugs, sugar, caffeine, processed food, gluten and dairy.  It can result from being too strict about your food intake, or too little or too much exercise.  It can result from being in toxic relationships, work places, friendships and environments.  It can result from poor or not enough sleep.

Fatigue can also come from self doubt and self criticism.  It can result from having things hanging over your head, like a messy house, a late tax application, the birthday card you bought but forgot to send to your Grandma, a disorganised filing system or that meditation practice you want to do but never get around to it.

I had a dream a couple of years ago where I was in a beautiful old ramshackle house.  The house was mine, and it was glorious, but the paint was chipping, vines were growing all over the outside and inside of the house, and none of the doors or windows would close properly.

“Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”
Sigmund Freud

This dream helped me to wake up to the doors and windows in my own life that were leaking energy.

I identified small things in my life that were adding up to something larger than their individual weight.  Things like a messy desktop on my computer, a cupboard full of clothes I wasn’t wearing, not getting quite enough sleep and feeling constantly pressured by time to get things done.

And so I started to make small changes in my life, like cleaning up my computer desktop, taking boxes of clothes to the Op Shop, practicing gratitude, making sleep part of my morning yoga practice if I was up in the night with my children and taking time to be by myself.

Small changes.  But they made all the difference.

What is draining energy from your life?

I’ve created an ENERGY DRAIN WORKBOOK for you to work out what your energy drains are, and what achievable steps you can take to overcome them.

Identifying your energy drains and making small changes will support you to live a vibrant and engaged life!

You can download the ENERGY DRAIN WORKBOOK for free in my Library.

Download the ENERGY DRAIN pdf worksheet, then print it out or grab your journal.   Let’s dive into what YOUR energy drain are and come up with some simple ways to increase your energy and vitality.

I’d love to hear about what your energy drainers are, and one small step you’re going to take to move beyond them.  Do leave me a comment below.

With gratitude,


  1. Sharon

    Thank you Lauren, just printed it off xx

    • Dr Lauren Tober

      Wonderful Sharon! I hope it’s helpful 🙂


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