Meet the Capturing Gratitude team: Rachel Zinman

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The new Capturing Gratitude website is launching in just a few weeks, and I am just so grateful for the behind-the-scenes team.  They’ve trusted in my vision for Capturing Gratitude, and have volunteered their time and awesome skills to get the project happening.

Rachel Zinman has been part of Capturing Gratitude from the beginning, and is no stranger to being interviewed by me (check out her other interview in the Gratitude Interviews book).  Last year Rachel and I gathered a group of beautiful women to create and gratitude yantras with flowers. Rachel filmed the day, and has created a video on how to do your own gratitude yantras for the Capturing Gratitude eCourse (launching on World Gratitude Day, September 21st).


So, without further ago, I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Zinman……

Lauren: In this moment Rachel, what are you grateful for? 

Rachel: My wonderful partner John.  Living in a beautiful home in Byron Bay.  Having time to devote to a daily yoga practice.


Lauren: Tell me a bit about yourself Rachel. 

Rachel: I’m a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer who shares yoga globally and locally. I have been devoted to yoga since I was a teenager and am absolutely passionate about its transformative effects on the body and mind. I love all the creative arts and express myself through the mediums of writing, music, dance, art, film making and photography. I have a 21 year old son and love to be in Nature its where I am reminded of who I am.

Lauren: Tell me about the wonderful work that you do (when you’re not volunteering your time for Capturing Gratitude).

Rachel: This coming year I will be teaching a Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay and a retreat in India in February 2015. My partner John and I are also in  the process of creating an amazing retreat space for people in South Africa along the garden route. Plans are also in the works for a luxury retreat in Umbria in July 2015. Being a passionate creative person I love to write blogs for various online magazines and also have my own blog and enjoy creating short documentary/ promotional style films. I also share Kirtan with my partner John Weddepohl wherever possible and have produced three CD’s with my former band the Subway Bhaktis.

Lauren: Why do you think people should join us in Capturing Gratitude? 

Rachel: There’s something quite magical about taking photos of things you are grateful for each day. It makes you stop, think and feel into whats so special about the little every day things. Mostly we take life for granted, and not only that we take ourselves for granted. So making time in your day to capture what inspires you is not only special for you but sharing it with others creates a community of gratitude. I think it’s so special to share this way and it has really changed my life for sure.

Lauren: Please share one of your gratitude photographs with us Rachel.

Rachel: I took this photo last week on our last day on our land in South Africa. It was by our dam and the day was really misty. The delicacy of the lily leaves and the reflection of the trees was so inspiring and in the moment I took the photo I just felt so blessed and grateful that we could have a piece of land to seed our dreams. Something I never imagined would happen in my life. The photo also reminds of the stillness we all are, the calm that is ever existing. How beautiful that nature can touch everyone in this way.

Lauren: Thanks again Rachel! I am really excited about the video you’ve created, and can’t wait to share it in the Capturing Gratitude eCourse.

Will you be joining us?

Sign up to Capturing Gratitude now, and you can download the Gratitude Interviews book right away, and be part of the launch of the new website on World Gratitude Day (September 21st 2014).

You’ll get membership access to the website AND the month long eCourse, featuring how to make a gratitude yantra with Rachel Zinman and friends.

Sign up here……

Hope you’ll be joining us,


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