Meet the Capturing Gratitude Team: Loren Jackson

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Today I’d like to introduce you to Loren Jackson, the Capturing Gratitude Marketing Goddess.

Loren came across Capturing Gratitude through the Bliss Baby Yoga group (I teach a class on pre and post natal mental health in the teacher training course).  When I put the call out for a marketing position for a Capturing Gratitude, Loren jumped on board immediately.

Loren lives in Wollongong, and I’m based up in the Byron Shire, so we’ve never actually met, but we’ve been  working together on Capturing Gratitude for about a year now.  I’ve really loved working with Loren, and often when we Skype we both have a young kid (or two) jumping around in the background (and sometimes the foreground).  I’m so glad I did this interview with Loren, otherwise I never would have known what she did in her previous life……

Lauren: In this moment Loren, what are you grateful for?

Loren: In this moment I am grateful for community, the way people band together and support each other, often without even knowing each other. In this technological age community has taken on a new meaning and I’m so grateful for the support online communities can provide.

Capturing Gratitude as well as recent events in my life have really shown me the value of community in all it’s forms.

Lauren: Tell me a bit about yourself Loren.

Loren: I live in Wollongong (Australia) with my husband and two boys. I was a wigmaker for almost 10 years before I had kids and in that time I also did my Yoga teacher training. I love to paint, sew, draw and garden. I like to do things differently, if I’m going to grow a carrot, I’m not going to grow a boring orange one when there is a whole rainbow to choose from! I decided last year to become a uni student and I’m working towards a bachelor of business. I’ve always wanted to learn to surf so that will be on my to-do list when the boys are a little older.

Lauren: Tell me about the wonderful work that you do (when you’re not volunteering your time for Capturing Gratitude)? 

Loren: I like to think I’m creating connection for families through various Yoga classes and workshops in my business. I teach Prenatal, Mums and Bubs, and Yoga for Babies and Toddlers and I think the greatest value comes from parents meeting other parents and also bonding with their child. I also write a blog on this same topic

Lauren: Why do you think people should join us in Capturing Gratitude?

Loren: I think Capturing Gratitude helps you to focus on what what you already have rather than what you believe you are lacking. A shift in perspective has the potential to literally change your life by opening you up to new possibilities you might otherwise overlook. Simply put, gratitude makes you happier and happiness is contagious!

Lauren: Please share one of your gratitude photographs with us Loren.

Loren: This photo was taken at Australia’s Wonderland (a theme park which closed down some time later) in the late 80’s. I’m grateful for the fun memories our parents created with us and the fact that technology allows us to capture more fun times than ever before.

Lauren: Thanks so much everything you’ve done to get the word out about Capturing Gratitude Loren, I really am grateful!  And nice name by the way 😉

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