Chatting with the very talented and inspirational Andrea Soler

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Andrea, I caught you playing at the Mullumbimby Farmer’s market a few months ago, and just loved your show. I’ve been grooving along to  ‘Earth on an Axis’ ever since.  But you have a new album coming out I hear, tell me a bit about it.

It’s been two years since I recorded my first album in the UK. I am very excited to be releasing my new single ‘Daydreamer’.  This song is the first single from my up and coming album which will probably be released next year. Daydreamer was written one afternoon when I was sitting in the sunshine, birds singing in the trees and I was feeling really peaceful and happy.

What’s the plan for your up and coming European tour?

We have over 25 shows and radio interviews booked in the next few months. We land in the UK mid June, and head straight to perform at one of my favourite festivals which is called ‘Sunrise Celebration’. This is a solar powered/ renewable energy festival with about 15 000 festival goers! We are also heading to Scotland, France (where my Dad’s side of the family reside), Germany and Denmark. Although I lived in UK before, this is my first big three month tour, and I am so excited to be heading over to share my music!

Tell me about the Pozible Daydreamer Project?

The Daydreamer Project on Pozible is a crowd funding site that has been a fantastic platform for us to get the word out to our fans, friends and family to ask for some support in getting over to Europe. As you could imagine there are many costs involved in touring. We are also going to be making a grass roots documentary to inspire independent musicians on how to book, manage and promote their own tours by showing how we did it. Eventually I’d like to run workshops on this subject, as I know I would have loved to have had this information when I was emerging as an artist.

In this moment, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for so many things. I wake up in the morning and often think of people and things I am blessed to have in my life (which is a lot!). I am very grateful for all the love from family and friends. I am grateful for my community, and where I live in the world. I am blessed to be able to share my music, and be living my dream!

What are you inspired by?

I draw inspiration from so many places. In relation to song writing, I am like a sponge and soak up people’s stories, world events, places that I travel to, and what’s happening in my own life.  I like to think of my songs as stories, and that I am a storyteller. When we share stories, we learn from each other and I am learning everyday!

What are you trusting in?

That is an interesting question. I can’t say that I know exactly what it is that I put my trust in. It’s almost unexplainable, and yet deeply in my own personal experience. I believe in a higher good for all beings and to wish happiness and not harm. That it what I trust in.

Lovely to catch up with you Andrea.  Best of luck with your tour!

Andrea Soler & James Ross

If you’d like to connect with Andrea or check out her tour dates, visit her website.
If you’d like to support her European tour, head on over to Pozible (only 17 days and $800 to go!).
And….. If you’re local and would like to catch Andrea before she heads OS, she’s launching her new album at the Bush Theatre in Nimbim on Friday 1st June, and at the  Beach Hotel in Byron Bay on Sunday 3rd June at 5pm (see you there x).

Photo credit: Grant O’Brien


  1. Lainie Anderson

    Great interview Lauren, I love the last few questions. The photographs are stunning, did you take them? Lainie 🙂

    • Lauren

      Thanks Lainie! They are gorgeous photos aren’t they? They were taken by Andrea’s husband Grant (link to his website above) x


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