Busy (Exhausted) Women

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Uncategorized

Why is it, I keep asking myself, so many intelligent, gorgeous, spiritual, giving and wise women I meet are exhausted?

You would think we would know better.

Lately it seems I keep meeting women who are professionals, teachers, students, healers, mothers and all round wonderful people, who give and give and give until they’re exhausted.

These are women who know the importance of self care, and in all likelihood preach to their tribe about looking after themselves.  And yet they find themselves depleted and exhausted and with conditions like adrenal fatigue, heart conditions, chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases, depression, anxiety and just plain old exhaustion.

I’ve had my fair share of fatigue in my life.  I know the story.  Just one more thing to do.  “I’ll rest soon, but first I’ll just do this one thing”.   Until one more thing, becomes just another thing, and then another, and then another.  Children, partners, families, businesses, employers, universities, social causes, communities all need our time and energy.  I can do just one more thing.  They need me.

But at some point ‘just one more thing’ tips us over the edge.  We become exhausted.

And then we wonder why our body (or mind) has failed us.

So here’s my message to you beautiful busy woman…….

Now is the time to rest.

Now is the time to set aside the weight you’re carrying and all the wonderful people in your life you’re supporting, and take time for yourself.

To deeply rest and deeply nurture your very being.

Because you deserve it.  Because you NEED it.  And because you’ll serve everything and everyone in your life more profoundly if you do.

Now is the time to rest.

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